Amy Wilson

I’m a member of NYC-DSA, a rotating host for Revolutions Per Minute, and a true believer in the power of the airwaves! My background includes a staff fundraising position at a small independent nonprofit, a stint as a host and volunteer at a community station in SE Michigan (WCBN what’s up), a fundraising and outreach role at an independent literary journal, and a year-long term on the organizing committee of my local branch of DSA. As a member of WBAI’s board I would act with respect for the station’s legacy of independence while advocating for a vibrant future of programming that reflects all the textures of New York City’s progressive movements. I’d like to use my organizational, fundraising, administrative, and cooperative skills in service of WBAI’s community.

My experience with grassroots fundraising and independent media would inform my approach to serving on WBAI’s board. The most successful fundraising occurs in context of genuine community. By expanding WBAI’s listenership and the ways in which listeners can engage with the station, we can increase the station’s overall power. The popularity of podcasts and other recorded media, across all sectors of NYC, reflects our city’s genuine interest in news, commentary, and other forms of original programming. We don’t have to regard these (podcasts and radio) as competitive with each other, but can use the unique qualities of radio to our advantage to reach and productively engage with new listeners in service of our shared progressive ideals.

As of this fall I will be pursuing a master’s degree in Labor Studies at CUNY, with a specific focus on gender in service and administrative labor. My socialist feminist politics inform all aspects of my life and work. Radio is a truly democratic medium and, I believe, an important tool in our struggle to build working-class consciousness and power in the 21st-century US.

Finally, in addition to everything else I am, I am a poet! I subscribe to the bread and roses belief that art and beauty are essential to successful left politics. As a member of WBAI’s board I would advocate for the station’s engagement with NYC’s incredible art, music, literary, theater, film, etc communities — approaching these topics from a left perspective in the spirit of providing well-rounded radio programming that reflects the holistic lives of our listeners and potential listeners.