Charlotte Albrecht

As a founding Co-Chair of the NYC Democratic Socialists of America’s North Brooklyn Branch, I helped build a culture of democracy, transparency, and community accountability, laying the foundations for the tight-knit community of activists it is today. I believe that my skills as an organizer—collective democratic decision making, planning and facilitating meetings, working in coalition with other grassroots organizations, coordinating socials, panels, reading groups, and fundraisers—would make me a valuable member of the Local Board. I’m also a student studying sociology at Brooklyn College, and have worked in the restaurant industry for eight years. I developed a deep love for radio during my time at WMUC 88.1 FM, a freeform station where I hosted several shows and helped with promotion.

If elected, my particular focus would be on streamlining and demystifying the station’s internal democractic processes, so that listeners can be a bigger part of the station’s future. I will work alongside the rest of the board to expand listenership and encourage institutional giving. There are many ways for us to make direct connections with listeners; we can host live tapings and panels, create mutually-beneficial partnerships with other working-class organizations, and re-commit to the Board’s responsibility of holding community town halls. People are more likely to invest in community radio when it represents them, so we must ensure that WBAI truly does. There are thousands of young leftists in the tri-state area—much like myself—hungry for the kind of content and connection that only independent, community radio can provide.