Jack Devine

I’m a student at the CUNY Graduate Center and a member of the New York City Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. While I’ve participated in electoral campaigns as well as street actions, my primary focus in organizing has been in political education and the Media Working Group. I’m one of the hosts and producers of Revolutions Per Minute on WBAI, the official radio show of the New York City Chapter.

Our program connects our listeners to the grassroots efforts to build working class power across all five boroughs. Due to our relationships with a wide network of organizers, we have been able to cover the struggles to build no new jails and decriminalize sex work here in New York while broadcasting reports from activists on the southern border fighting for immigrant justice. Additionally, we’ve established lines of communication with socialist politicians like State Senator Julia Salazar so that our show can update our listeners on the most recent legislative developments in Albany.

As a member of the organizing committee of the Central Brooklyn Political Education Working Group, I assisted in the creation of multiple projects to raise awareness about the history of class struggle in our organization. For example, I took on a leading role in developing the Night School, where we hosted discussions in collaboration with the radical publisher Verso Books on socialist theory and practice. I also helped produce educational materials for new member orientations.

Prior to becoming a student at the CUNY Graduate Center, I spent four years working in a variety of roles in the entertainment industry. During my time as an office assistant on film productions, I developed relationships with both union members and a wide network of creative talent. Additionally as a freelance social media content creator I developed the skills on how to best utilize the internet to expand an audience base.