Jez Zerbe

Over the course of my career in communications, I've spent 4+ years in radio and another 7+ in marketing and advertising. I've been fortunate enough to win awards for radio promotions I've helped create and execute, and now I work on a wide variety of marketing campaigns for major national brands. If elected to the board of WBAI, it would be my mission to use the skills, connections and expertise I've developed over more than a decade to help build the station's profile, listenership and member base.

I also organize as a member of the DSA's Libertarian Socialist Caucus here in NYC, and I am a member of the Emergency Committee for Rojava. These groups are pretty representative of my personal politics (namely their horizontal, directly democratic and liberatory tendencies), and I would hope to embody and promote those values through the work I’ll do with WBAI and its community at large.

This vision would take shape through improving the station's digital experience, as well as a renewed dedication to speak to and for its constituents. That means everything from improving the experience and rewards of becoming a member online to the types of events and programming we throw our effort, labor and creativity behind.

The station’s sustainability depends on the decisions we make in the next few years, and the only way for WBAI and the Pacifica radio network to survive is to expand its listener base, to deepen its connection to the community, and to continue supporting independent journalists producing programs that wouldn’t be possible on a commercial or even traditional public radio station.