Mike Mordowanec

As a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, I have seen a reawakening of Left-wing organizing in New York City these last three years, and I want to bring WBAI into that world, and vice versa. I have college radio experience, and have been a casual WBAI listener since moving to New York.

There is a large market out there right now for Left-wing, progressive, non-corporate media, and I believe I can help WBAI connect to that and grow. In the past week we have signed up well over 100 new listener members from our organizing circles, with barely any effort needed, but this could be just the beginning! The people, especially young socialists, are hungry for progressive media, with the courage to accurately cover the emerging community struggles of this difficult time.

WBAI has a long and proud history as a community-based, listener-funded institution, and I would fight to make sure that is able to continue for the foreseeable future. I believe that my fellow DSA members and I can connect WBAI to a new generation of Left-wing and progressive activists, and once again return it to a central place in New York City movement politics.