our vision

Hi, everyone! We're Red Wave. 📻🚩

We are a group of Socialists organizing to win seats on WBAI's Local Station Board. We are anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-racist, socialist-feminist, abolitionist, anti-fascist, labor-oriented, and our practical experiences as organizers reflect those values.

We’ve participated in strikes, worked on electoral campaigns, organized against new jails and new luxury buildings, created mutual aid networks, direct action collectives, and helped push new legislation that protects tenants, immigrants, and sex workers. We’ve also put many hours into the less glamorous, administrative side of the movement; we know what it takes to create conditions for change and growth.

As organizers within this burgeoning socialist movement, we believe that we can revitalize WBAI and help it live up to its full potential as a listener-funded, community-based, non-commercial radio station that lifts the most marginalized voices and communities in New York City.